Will Palworld Be Available on Xbox Game Pass Day One?

For those who haven’t heard of the name Palworld before, this is the game that’s commonly described as ‘Pokémon with guns’ – and now it has an official EA release date of January 19, 2023. Because of this, many may be wondering if it will come to Game Pass.

In this game made by Pocketpair (most known for also developing Craftopia), you’ll take control of a variety of different ‘Pals’ and use them alongside your array of weaponry to take down, capture, and befriend all sorts of other pals. The game is open-world, it has survival elements, base-building mechanics, it’s a creature collector, it has online multiplayer and so much more.

And that’s not all, the developers at Pocketpair also released an ‘Early Access Release Date Trailer’ on January 9th, 2024 that let those of you who have been following the game’s development know when the Early Access version of the game will be available for purchase. But, there’s another piece of information that a lot of people following Palworld are wondering about, is the game coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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Is Palworld Coming To Xbox Game Pass Or PC Game Pass?

Screenshot Via Gamepur & Official Pocketpair Discord

Yes, Palworld is coming to Xbox Game Pass as a Day 1 release. This means the game will be available on Xbox X|S, Xbox One, and on PC as soon as midnight, January 19th, according to the devs in an announcement post in the Pocketpair Official Discord.

Considering the game is promising to have up to 4 players in one co-op play session and up to 32 players in a dedicated server, releasing on Game Pass Day 1 should bring in plenty of players. However, it’s worth mentioning that fans of the PvP aspects of games like Pokémon might be a bit disappointed on release, as the game doesn’t have any sort of PvP challenges, though the Steam Page description promises it’ll be added in a future update (alongside a higher dedicated server player limit).

Craftopia, the other game that Pocketpair is most known for besides Overdungeon and now Palworld, was also on Xbox Game Pass for quite a while. So, a lot of players who had put a lot of time into Craftopia were expecting Palworld to come to Xbox Game Pass at some point, but most people thought it would come at ‘some point’, not as a Day 1 addition.

Hopefully, Palworld doesn’t follow Craftopia‘s footsteps too closely in regards to Xbox Game Pass, as the game was also sadly removed from Game Pass on September 15th, 2022, so here’s hoping Palworld stays on Microsoft’s subscription service for as long as possible.


Palworld, a strange Pokémon-like creature game, will be releasing in early access this January, but will it be on Xbox Game Pass?