Where is my free Genshin Impact five-star character, Hoyoverse?

Happy 2024, guys, we’ve finally got a free five-star character in Hoyoverse’s epic adventure title! Everyone gets a copy of Dr Ratio in Honkai Star Rail. What, did you think I was going to say something else? No, sadly, Genshin Impact’s gifts are once again left in the dust as Honkai Star Rail continues to hand out heaps of great goodies free of charge.

As the second half of version 1.6 rolled around, every single Honkai Star Rail player got a free copy of a brand-new, limited, five-star character – Dr Ratio. No, he isn’t on the standard banner and, more surprisingly, no, he isn’t bad. He’s actually a very solid DPS with no glaring issues (other than his personality, some might say), that can work in many situations and dish out plenty of damage.

If Hoyoverse had given us a free copy of Genshin Impact’s Dehya, I’d have understood as she’s… Well, she’s not the best. But not only do we get to select one five-star character from the standard Honkai Star Rail banner after a certain amount of pulls, we also get a completely free, no-strings-attached copy of Honkai Star Rail’s Dr Ratio? Wild.