We can’t believe what milestone Anime Last Stand already hit

If the latest Anime Last Stand stats are anything to go by, it feels safe to say that the anime game is taking Roblox by storm in such a short space of time, as it’s merely been out for a week at the time of writing. We had no doubt the game would prove to be a hit after we first came across it, but to snag ten million visits in less than seven days is an impressive feat.

The news of such a milestone comes from RoMonitor who shared the stats on Twitter (X), showing that Anime Last Stand looks destined to join our prestigious list of the best Roblox games. At this rate, it might even be one of the best anime games you can play right now, regardless of platform. Beyond the ten million visits, nearly 31k were online when Anime Last Stand hit the milestone – we certainly think that has to be worth an Anime Last Stand code or two.

Currently, the game has 24,339 likes with just 1,690 dislikes, which gives Anime Last Stand a rating of 93.51%. Perhaps this is a sign that those who felt the loss of Anime Adventures from Roblox have a new home on the platform. It certainly seems as though the hole left by Anime Adventures is beginning to fill.