Turkish Flatbread | Grilled Flatbread | Bazlama

The Turkish flatbread recipe I’m sharing today is Bazlama. Bazlama is similar to naan and, in Turkey, is often baked over an outdoor, wood fire. Korean BBQ Corn Cheese Chicken | Barbecue Chicken Sauce Recipe

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Turkish Flatbread | [6 pieces of 18cm]

✤ Dough

– 500g Plain flour

– 160ml Warm milk

– 160ml Warm water

– 10g Instant dry yeast

– 10g Sugar

– 8g Salt

– 18g(3tbsp) Olive oil

✤ Topping (optional)

– 20g Melted unsalted butter (or olive oil)

– Crushed Pepper

– Chopped parsley


– Coat the frying pan with cooking oil before baking.

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