Sweet Confirms the Ex-NRG Team is Splitting up Following Departure From ALGS

Following NRG’s departure from ALGS earlier this week, it’s been unclear what would happen to the team the organization has seemingly dropped. The most recent Apex Legends tournament showed every player to be at the top of their game, meaning NRG has just left three top-tier players on the table for anyone to pick up.

In a recent livestream, ex-team member Christopher “sweetdreams” Sexton has clarified that the NRG boys won’t be sticking together within the ALGS. However, he does have high hopes for all of them in the future and is excited for ALGS Year 4.

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Sweet Tells Fans NRG Boys Won’t Stick Together, But He’s Looking Forward to What Comes Next

NRG made it into the ALGS Championship 2023 Finals but didn’t quite manage to win the competition. Following that event, the organization announced it was pulling out of ALGS, dropping the NRG team, because EA couldn’t come to a decision on whether to present a viable revenue stream to organizations using team-based customization items for Apex Legends. However, the team’s future is far from bleak, as Sweet has explained in a recent Twitch stream.

In the clip, Sweet outlines how two of the ex-NRG team members might stick together, but he’d be lying if he said there weren’t any issues with the team composition at the last competition. He goes on to tell fans how he’s excited to see what’s next and which team picks him up, because they’ve all had offers from other teams, and wants to keep playing Apex Legends on a professional level.

NRG’s departure from NRG isn’t an isolated incident, with a few other teams like Liquid and G2 leaving the competition over the last 12 months. The organization and players blame EA for not implementing a similar revenue stream for cosmetic DLC as other esports titles have, allowing businesses to profit from every sale instead of a one-time payout.

We attended the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs and Championship this year and were blown away by the passion fans can show both in person and online. The esport is growing with every event, and it seems crazy to witness any of the organizations dropping out. Though finances are tightening for everyone as the year goes on, so it’s hardly surprising given the alleged cause.

Ultimately, every NRG player has shown phenomenal skill over the last year, and any team would be lucky to have them. While we’ll have to wait to see where Sweet, Gild, and Nafen end up, they’ll almost certainly remain part of ALGS as it moves into Year 4. The question is whether their movements between teams will make for a winning trio in the ALGS Championship 2024.


Ex-NRG pro Apex Legends player Sweet has clarified on-stream what’s happening to the players following the organization’s ALGS departure.