Screw zodiac signs, here’s what your Marvel Snap style says about you

Whether you like it or not, your Marvel Snap style says a lot about the sort of person you are. This isn’t just my thinking, no, this is the general consensus of Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and, well, just about everywhere else you can find droves of Marvel Snap players willing to give their opinions. Still, you don’t get these stereotypes with many of the other best mobile card games, so I thought I’d do a little digging to see how the Snap community feels about different kinds of players.

Let’s start out with an easy one. If you’re snapping on turn six and never anytime else, you’re probably quite cautious. The whole point of Marvel Snap is to snap early, so you can pick up the maximum cubes if you win. When you snap in turn six, you do little else but telegraph you finally have your winning combo, offering your opponent an easy out. Behavior like this is sacrilege on the Marvel Snap Reddit, and it’s not going to get you far on the ladder to infinity rank either. Be bolder.

On the other hand, if you’re snapping in turn one, who hurt you? Seriously? Few of Marvel Snap’s killer combos rely on just four cards, and even if you draw them, who is to say a Moon Knight isn’t going to come along and force you to discard the most important piece of your play? Unless you’re playing in Conquest mode, where the hot thing seems to be snapping early to avoid 30-minute games, keep your cubes in your pocket and wait to see what your opponent is playing with, or you might just see endless retreating opponents.