Rellor evolution – how to get Rabsca

Rellor’s evolution is quite the step up from the stage one ‘mon, so we can’t help but recommend that you get Rabsca, purely for the fact that the dung beetle sprouts into something truly beautiful. No, we’re not kidding. One look at Rellor, and you might think ‘ew,’ but a glance at Rabsca is bound to have you thinking ‘wow’ – the story of the ugly duckling comes to mind. Anyway, allow us to tell you how to evolve Rellor.

But before we do, perhaps you want to understand how Rockruff’s evolution, Applin’s evolution, and Salandit’s evolution works. Or, we can tell you how to evolve Riolu, how to evolve Pawmo, how to evolve Primeape, and how to evolve Basculin because not every entry in the Pokédex is as easy to get as gaining a few levels.