Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Finally Get A Challenge With DLC Trainer Battles

With the release of the first DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Teal Mask, players have been jumping back into the world of Pokemon to explore its new region and capture more Pokemon. For some fans, that includes battling the new Kitakami Ogre Clan Trainers found around the new region, which fans have expressed as providing a much-needed and appreciated challenge to a series that, historically, isn’t all that challenging.

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New Teal Mask Trainers Give Fans Hope of the Series Providing Tougher Battles in Future DLC

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Over on the r/PokemonScarletViolet subreddit, fans have been discussing the inclusion of new trainers in the most recent DLC, The Teal Mask, and expressing their surprise and delight at the more challenging battles they offer compared to the historical easy battles fans have grown used to.

User u/bloodpest started the thread by saying that the inclusion of trainers gives them hope the next DLC will be “more challenging and more trainers might use items,” and many fans have shared this same sentiment. One user commented that they found these trainers great and they felt like “mini-gym leaders that were legitimately tough,” with another glad that they seem to be a bit smarter in battle, using better moves, being stronger to fight, and having a bit more strategy and synergy thanks other trainers they have seen in the game.

Trainer battles in Pokemon titles aren’t usually known for being particularly tough; in fact, their games tend to be pretty easy to playthrough for some more experienced players, and it can make for a less exciting experience. In this case, it’s nice to see that fans are finding something with a bit more bite to deal with in their games, and going by the comments in this post, it’s something fans both enjoy and are looking for.

We still have the second DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Indigo Disk, coming later this year, so we could see some more of these more challenging fights, but we will have to wait and see.


Players are hoping its a sight for more challenging content coming in future DLC.