Pokemon Indigo Disk Komala Conspiracy Leaves Players Stumped

The Synchro Machine in the Indigo Disk is a fun new feature that lets you roam the Terrarium through the eyes of your Pokemon. Naturally, this means fans have been sharing clips of all the most interesting animations for Pokemon exploration mode.

There are a lot of adorable ways that Pokemon get around, but none are quite as amusing as the ones that roll. In particular, Komala’s way of navigating the world has raised some interesting questions about this Pokemon’s true form.

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Pokemon Fans Wonder if We’ve Been Duped by Komala All Along

Redditor Strarn took to the forums to share footage of Komala’s Synchro Machine adventures, namely how it just sort of rolls around, log-first.

Now THIS is peak gaming
byu/Strarn inPokemonScarletViolet

The primary thought here is, of course, that it’s just really fun to roll around the map as a sleepy little koala Pokemon. I mean, look at it go! And let’s not forget that this is a Shiny Komala, so it’s a bit of a humble brag as well.

Plenty of people chimed in on the thread, discussing how much they love this fun little feature in The Indigo Disk, with some hoping it sticks around in future games. I’m in full agreement here, even if I haven’t used the Synchro Machine too often while I’m trying to progress through the story. But with cute animations like this, it’s easy to see how you could spend a lot of time roaming the map as your Pokemon.

Not content to leave a cute post at face value, commenters took this animation as an opportunity to consider an interesting conspiracy theory about the drowsing Pokemon. As Hunchsly puts it in their response to the video clip, “This is only furthering the conspiracy that Komala is actually the log, and it’s just a regular koala chilling on it.”

Yes, you read that correctly. What if the Pokemon isn’t the perpetually napping koala at all? What if Komala is the log itself. Bear with us here as we examine the evidence.

The log is clearly leading the way here, as the koala simply clings to it while continuing to sleep – and then, there’s the Shiny version to consider. Only the color of the log changes in Komala’s Shiny form, leaving the little critter unchanged. Almost as if the koala has simply been a cute accessory to the log Pokemon all along.


Komala’s way of traveling while synched via the Synchro Machine in The Indigo Disk raises an interesting question its true form