Pokemon GO Player Embodies 420 Meme With Impressive 5-Year Collection

Every Pokemon GO player has a different approach when it comes to building their collection. One trainer recently completed a five-year quest to build their Pokemon team around a single number with a special meaning: 420.

When it comes to which Pokemon stay in our team and which get shunted back to the Professor in exchange for candy, we all have our priorities. For me, it’s building an army of the cutest critters and making sure I can fill my local gyms with Eeveelutions. But for one Reddit user and Pokemon GO player, the past five years have been a numbers game in the purest sense of the word.

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Pokemon GO Player Builds Collection of 420 Pokemon

Reddit user JJKDowell took to the Pokemon GO subreddit to share a crowning achievement, one they’ve been working on for many, many years.

At long last, they’ve built their collection of 420 unique Pokemon species, all with a 420 CP, and let’s not forget some on-theme nicknames to go along with them. Pokemon with names like WEEEEEEDle and Party Bud really drive home the meme theme of this 420 collection. You have to admire the commitment to the bit, and as one commenter put it: “The dedication… is too damn high.”

The primary reaction is a single-word comment: “Nice.” That sums up just how much this gathering of 420 CP 420 Pokemon speaks for itself. When you think about it, it’s an impressive feat that takes careful calculation to ensure you power up your Pokemon to just the right number without going over, and some players couldn’t help but ask just how this trainer pulled it off. Add in the creativity of so many on-theme nicknames and you really do have to admire the feat.

Pokemon GO trainer JJKDowell admits they’re not sure what to do next now that their humble quest to pay homage to this special number is complete after so many years of playing the game with a singular goal in mind. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of suggestions for other famous numbers like error 404, 69, or 666. It might be tough to get around Niantic’s nickname restrictions on some of those themes, but the challenge is part of what makes it fun.

Even if they decide to hang up his Pokedex and retire, I think we can all agree this trainer is going out in a 420 blaze of glory.


One Pokemon GO player dedicated five years to building their entire Pokemon collection around the 420 meme, and frankly, it’s impressive