Pokemon Fans Confused Over Pecharunt Origin Story Being Excluded From Indigo Disk DLC

Fans of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet eagerly awaited more information about the mysterious Pecharunt in the Indigo Disk DLC epilogue, but the in-game story didn’t teach us much. Now, the Pokemon Company has released a five-minute origin story video, and we have questions.

The Pokemon Company took to X to share a five-minute animated video detailing Pecharunt’s past, giving us the much-desired background about this mochi-tossing Pokemon. However, the video does leave us wondering why this content didn’t wind up in the relatively short epilogue itself.

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Video Confirms Pecharunt’s Relationship to the Loyal Three

The Pokemon Company shared the “true tale” of the Indigo Disk DLC epilogue’s Pecharunt via a video post on X:

Signboards depicting one of Kitakami’s oldest folktales are scattered throughout the land—yet none of them make mention of Pecharunt.

What could be the true tale of this Mythical Pokémon? #PokemonScarletViolet pic.twitter.com/7cou6sQdli

— Pokémon (@Pokemon) January 15, 2024

This video tells us the story of Pecharunt, a Mythical Pokemon with a great desire to be loved. So great, apparently, that it resorts to crafting mind-control mochi to make sure everyone loves it. In the story, we learn that Pecharunt once had human companions who asked it to go and get some legendary masks from Kitakami.

In its quest to make its human friends happy, Pecharunt recruits the Loyal Three using its mind-control mochi, and together, they attack Ogerpon to take its masks. Here, we finally learn the connection between our mochi-tossing Pokemon and the original story from The Teal Mask DLC. While it’s nice to get the knowledge, many fans are wondering why we got this information as a video rather than part of the story in the game itself.

“This story would have slapped in the actual game…” notes one response, while another X user says the video is better than the actual epilogue event. While I enjoyed the Indigo Disk epilogue with all its silly Pecharunt-induced Mochi Madness, it was a bit short on any attempt to explain or unpack the events. Catch Pecharunt, break the spell, and everyone in Kitakami is immediately over it?

With how the plot of the Indigo Disk epilogue plays out, I can see why it would’ve been hard to work with this information, what with everyone saying “mochi” and little else. But perhaps once the villagers are no longer under mind control, one of them could have regaled us with this tale. I, for one, would really like to know what the shopkeeper who had plush Pecharunt on display all these years has to do with all of this, and she would have been a great character to tell us this history.

Even if we’re confused about why this backstory didn’t make it into the actual gameplay, fans are overall excited to learn a bit more about this mysterious mythical Pokemon, and if a video is how it had to happen, so be it.


We didn’t learn about Pecharunt’s relationship with The Loyal Three in the Indigo Disk DLC epilogue, but a new video gives us some answers