Pokémon Fans Are Convinced Black & White Remakes Are Imminent Following Teasers

With time in Paldea coming to a close, Pokémon fans are eager to know what may be next for the popular franchise. With Pokémon Day announcements just around the corner, and new teasers circulating via official social media, many believe a trip back to Unova could be in the cards.

The Pokémon Company has used remakes of older, less accessible generations as stepping stones between new gens in the past decade. From the enormously popular Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to the less-well-received Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, fans have had a chance to journey back through important moments from previous stories – and many are hopeful the next stop will be Black & White.

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The Official Pokémon Twitter Page Teases Zekrom & Reshiram

In two recent social media posts, the official Pokémon Twitter account has teased video clips of Unova Legendaries Zekrom and Reshiram. With Black and White slotted as the next gen for a remake, and Pokémon Day announcements just weeks away, fans are taking these teasers as a positive sign of a remake confirmation.

The videos show both Zekrom and Reshram flying through the air, with each post containing a heart in the color that matches the Legendary Pokémon. Fans in the comments are jubilant, convinced this is a solid confirmation of a Black & White remake.

In the comments, one Pokémon fan states, “Is it finally happening” while another adds, “I am so scared and joyful, all at the same time”.

While most of the commenters seem excited, a shared sense of anxiety also seems to be common among long-time fans of the series. Many have shared their concerns about a potentially rushed game, with players citing the issues with both Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and Scarlet & Violet as a need for Game Freak to slow releases. BDSP struggled to retain players due to its clunky visuals and lacking new content, while Scarlet & Violet have been repeatedly cited for low performance on the Nintendo Switch, and empty content compared to many other Nintendo games that have been released in recent years.

While a return to Unova in a Pokémon Black & White remake would likely be exciting, it seems most fans of the franchise are in agreement that they’d rather wait a few years for an excellent remake, than be given something rushed to prevent a year without new content.


The Pokémon Company has teased video of Unova’s Legendary mascots, leading to speculation of an upcoming remake announcement.