Playing Games Quotes The Best In English 2021

Playing Games Quotes · I like playing sport, and I like doing physical stuff. · There’s a difference between fair game and playing games.

Playing Games Quotes The Best In English 2021

“Life is like Tetris; if it doesn’t fit, just flip it over”
― Sabine Hein

“The game itself is bigger than the winning.”
― Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

“For a game, you don’t need a teacher.”
― Dejan Stojanovic,

“Any game where the goal is to build territory has to be beautiful. There may be phases of combat, but they are only means to an end, to allow your territory to survive. One of the most extraordinary aspects of the game of go is that it has been proven that in order to win, you must live, but you must also allow the other player to live. Players who are too greedy will lose: it is a subtle game of equilibrium, where you have to get ahead without crushing the other player. In the end, life and death are only the consequences of how well or how poorly you have made your construction. This is what one of Taniguchi’s characters says: you live, you die, these are consequences. It’s a proverb for playing go, and for life.”
― Muriel Barbery, 

“He told us that nations of men fell into disorder, so nations of law were set up instead. He told us that nations of law then forgot justice and let the law become a Game, a Game in which the moves and the winning were more important than truth. He told us to seek justice rather than the Game.”
― Sheri S. Tepper, 

“Food to eat and games to play.
Tell me why, tell me why.
Serve it out and eat it up.
Have a try, have a try.”
― Brian Jacques

“We could see the children’s toys here and there, and we saw a game that the children had made themselves out of dirt, deer antlers and abalone shells, but the game was so strange that only children could tell what it was. Perhaps it wasn’t a game at all, only the grave of a game.”
― Richard Brautigan, A Confederate General from Big Sur / Dreaming of Babylon / The Hawkline Monster

“Boys play with death as though it were a game, cutting their teeth on daggers.”
― Sheri S. Tepper,

“When you feel that others are lacking and failing ….
first assess the skill, style, quality, results, mindset,
support, professionalism and spirit with which
you yourself play the game.”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru

“It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans. ”
― Robert Lynd

“The funny thing about games and fictions is that they have a weird way of bleeding into reality. Whatever else it is, the world that humans experience is animated with narratives, rituals, and roles that organize psychological experience, social relations, and our imaginative grasp of the material cosmos. The world, then, is in many ways a webwork of fictions, or, better yet, of stories. The contemporary urge to “gamify” our social and technological interactions is, in this sense, simply an extension of the existing games of subculture, of folklore, even of belief. This is the secret truth of the history of religions: not that religions are “nothing more” than fictions, crafted out of sociobiological need or wielded by evil priests to control ignorant populations, but that human reality possesses an inherently fictional or fantastic dimension whose “game engine” can — and will — be organized along variously visionary, banal, and sinister lines. Part of our obsession with counterfactual genres like sci-fi or fantasy is not that they offer escape from reality — most of these genres are glum or dystopian a lot of the time anyway — but because, in reflecting the “as if” character of the world, they are actually realer than they appear.”
― Erik Davis,

“It did not seem odd to Max that what he had imagined about Stumps was really true, because this was exactly how games you made up worked. Of course they were true. In your mind.”
― Pauline Clarke,

“You know Morse Code?” Avian asked as we walked up.
“My grandpa thought it was a fun game when I was little,” West said as he rubbed his eyes again. ”That’s a scientist’s version of fun for you.”
― Keary Taylor,

“You have not seen desperation and helplessness till you have seen a man hopeless in love. Of course, unless you have seen a gamer.”
― Vineet Raj Kapoor

“I like games of chance, including women.”
― Raymond Chandler,

“Šta se prvo dogodi? Šta iz čega nastaje? Ludilo iz ljubavi? Ljubav iz ludila? Da li čovek poludi od ljubavi ili je pak dovoljno lud, kada sebi dozvoli da zavoli… Čoveka koji ga neće ni pogledati?”
― Tamara Kučan

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