Pet Simulator 99 visits break 100 million within a week of launch

Considering BIG Games Pets’ latest Roblox title has only been around for seven days, it’s pretty impressive to see the news that Pet Simulator 99 visits are already over 100 million. We were expecting it to be a hit, with Pet Simulator X recording over eight billion visits, but even still, these are some pretty impressive first-week numbers.

Adding to the success of Pet Simulator 99 is a stellar rating of 98.13% on Roblox stats site RoMonitor, proving just how savvy a decision it was from BIG Games Pets to come out with another sequel. This latest game is the fourth in the series, following Pet Simulator, Pet Simulator 2, and Pet Simulator X, with the success of the previous installment helping to launch a series of Pet Simulator merch and toys.

While we’re not sure if we can expect any Pet Simulator 99 plush toys just yet, if they do arrive, we expect them to retail with some Pet Simulator 99 codes. Judging by the success of this first week, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see BIG Games Pets capitalize on the success of its latest game in the same manner as it did with Pet Simulator X and as Blox Fruits has copied with its own line of toys including redeemable codes.