Order! Voice actor behind Genshin’s Neuvillette answers your questions

Ironic, that the Chief Justice of Fontaine is now standing trial, answering our questions on Reddit – but the only thing Ray Chase is guilty of is being a great voice actor and bringing plenty of character to Neuvillette.

Organized by the NeuvilletteMains subreddit, Neuvillette’s English voice actor Ray Chase will join Reddit for an Ask Me Anything question time. The AMA session begins on November 23, at 18:00 PST. Unfortunately, this is happening at 02:00 for us in the UK, so I hope others ask any questions I have.

Ahead of the scheduled time, a specific post will go up where you can drop any questions to get answered by Genshin Impact’s Neuvillette – perhaps something to do with whether Ray also thinks Neuvillette is actually an otter, or whether he also partakes in water-tasting from different regions.