Normal Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

What is the normal Pokémon weakness? This is a question that you may or may not ask yourself. It depends on how often you think about these middle-of-the-road creatures. That’s not to say that they’re bad, more that there isn’t a lot to them when it comes to strengths and resistances. Still, it’s only right to tell you what the normal-type weakness is.

If you want one of these ‘mon on your team, our list of the best normal Pokémon can help you decide who’s the best fit for your squad. We also have electric Pokémon, poison Pokémon, bug Pokémon, water Pokémon, dark Pokémon, grass Pokémon, fire Pokémon, and ice Pokémon guides to help you fill out the other spots on your team.