Marvel Snap’s weekend missions just keep on getting harder

Since the arrival of Marvel Snap’s weekend missions, there’s a new way of picking up in-game resources without having to spend a dime. The problem is, these challenges often center around specific Marvel Snap cards, and owning them is just half of the battle.

For an example of just how difficult Marvel Snap’s weekend missions can be, let’s take an example from the weekend just gone. Of the three challenges, one requires you to pick up 15 wins with Phoenix Force starting in your deck. This is all well and good if you’re running a destroy move hybrid deck, but otherwise, it’s time to get creative and find a way to shove the big fiery bird in a deck where it can just not get in the way. Does that sound like fun? No? Exactly.

While no one is complaining in regard to there being a new way to earn credits, collector’s tokens, and gold, it’s clear from the Marvel Snap Reddit that there is a certain disdain for the format of these challenges. One post titled ‘How Long Can This Go On?’ shows just exactly how many of us feel after a third weekend of forcing ourselves to play Phoenix Force decks, with a withered face agreeing to Brode’s challenge.