Marvel Snap’s Silver Samurai slices into the opposition

Marvel Snap’s Silver Samurai is now available in Second Dinner’s superpowered digital card game, bringing with him some serious steel to do away with Wolverine and his fellow heroes. The ideal fit for Marvel Snap decks that make the most of discard effects, this villain is ready to team up with Moon Knight to take all of the options out of your opponent’s hands.

Arriving in Marvel Snap as a four-cost five-power card, Silver Samurai’s effect reads as ‘ On Reveal: Each player discards the lowest-power card from their hand.’ This effect makes the Samurai fit for combination with cards like Wolverine and Swarm to get some extra units on the field. It also works well with Stature, forcing a discard to turn the five-cost hero into a one-cost option for the following turn.

In terms of Marvel Snap deck archetypes, Silver Samurai falls neatly into the discard gang with an effect that is almost a carbon copy of Moon Knight. The low-power discard effect makes the swordsman particularly useful against any deck that utilizes Arnim Zola, forcing the zero-power card out of your opponent’s hand, but also fares well against Patriot and Bounce decks by easily removing a few of the pivotal cards in those builds.