Marvel Snap’s Ravonna Renslayer arrives just in time

It’s new card Tuesday in Second Dinner’s superhero CCG, with Marvel Snap’s Ravonna Renslayer arriving in style to join as part of the Loki For All Time season. This character might not have a mask or cape, but she’s already finding their way into some of the best Marvel Snap decks thanks to an effect that makes powerful cards like Knull, Arnim Zola, and Hobgoblin easier to play.

Joining the roster of Marvel Snap cards as a three-cost three-power summon, Ravonna Renslayer’s effect reads as ‘Ongoing: Your cards with one or less Power cost one less. (minimum 1).’ This effect makes Ravonna a combo starter for plenty of deck types, from making it easier to create multiple copies of Knull with Arnim Zola, to creating some chaos by getting Mister Negative out on the board for one less power.

In terms of counters to Ravonna, cards like Enchantress and Echo can shut down ongoing cards in a second, so it’s best to take one of either or both into a battle if you’re expecting to face the TVA agent. There’s also the Super Skrull option, whose effect allows you to steal Ravonna’s ongoing ability and use it for yourself. Considering a lot of players test out new cards in the week they’re released, it might be an idea to add a copy of the overpowered Skrull warrior to your deck.