Marvel Snap’s Phoenix Force resurrects fallen heroes

A new season in Second Dinner’s superhero card game means a new season pass card, with Marvel Snap’s Phoenix Force swooping into battle. With Phoenix Force well established as one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Snap universe, the arrival of this cosmic force is sure to shake up the meta thanks to new combinations for move and destroy Marvel Snap decks.

Arriving in Marvel Snap as a five-cost six-power card, Phoenix Force’s on-reveal effect reads as ‘Revive one of your destroyed cards and merge with it. That card can move each turn.’ This effect makes Phoenix Force the perfect partner for a destroyed Multiple Man, offering several nine-power clones, Human Torch, who doubles power on moving, or even Spider-Man 2099, destroying an enemy card at each new location.

Phoenix Force flies into Marvel Snap via the Rise of the Phoenix season, so you need to purchase the upgrade to receive the card. Still, the Marvel Snap community widely views Phoenix Force as one of the best season pass cards of recent memory, so it’s well worth picking up if you play either move or destroy decks and you’re looking for a new combo.