Marvel Snap’s Mirage is here to copy your opponent’s cards

The Rise of the Phoenix season is drawing to a close in Second Dinner’s superhero CCG, but there’s one last hero to arrive in the form of Marvel Snap’s Mirage. This student of Professor X is a welcome addition to the roster of Marvel Snap cards, adding to the X-Men contingent and offering ‘hand-size’ decks a new possibility.

Arriving in Marvel Snap as a two-cost two-power card, Mirage’s effect reads as ‘On Reveal: Copy the lowest cost card in your opponent’s hand into your hand. Give it +2 Power.’ This ability makes Mirage a perfect information-gathering tool, providing you with details on a random card from your opponent’s hand while also offering a souped-up hero for you to get some power on the board.

In terms of Marvel Snap decks Mirage might fit nicely into, it’s a bit of a tricky one due to her ability not easily falling into any specific archetype. However, there are possible combinations with the unofficial ‘hand-size’ niche, with cards like The Collector, offering the ongoing card another power boost by stealing from the opponent, and Devil Dinosaur welcoming Mirage into the meta.