Marvel Snap’s Iron Lad lands in the superhero card game

Iron Man better look out, because there’s a new mighty metal hero ready for battle in the form of Marvel Snap’s Iron Lad. This four-cost six-power card comes with a unique ability, with Iron Lad copying to the effect of the top card of your deck. Combine this with Galactus, Gambit, or other cards, and there are some devastating synergies with this new card.

For those who don’t know, Iron Lad isn’t actually related to Iron Man but is a future descendant of Reed and Sue Richards. Those Marvel-heads out there know that also makes Iron Lad the same person as Kang the Conqueror, but thanks to some time-travelling shenanigans, Iron Lad separates himself from his potential evil empire-building villainous form.

Iron Lad’s effect reads ‘On Reveal: Copy the text of your deck’s top card”, making him a unique card for the current meta. There are a few obvious combinations, but Iron Lad’s real partner in crime is the upcoming Howard the Duck card, which allows you to check the top card of your deck. This way, you’re never taking a chance with Iron Lad.