Marvel Snap’s Havok is the next mutant to shake up the meta

Marvel Snap’s Havok is the latest hero to arrive as part of the Hellfire Gala season. While we’re not expecting this new card to make quite the impact of last week’s introduction of Blob, there is room for Havok in some of the riskier meta decks, and it’s one of the more unique effects we’ve seen from the roster of recent additions.

Havok lands in Marvel Snap as a two-cost zero-power card with its effect reading, “After each turn, you lose 1 Max Energy and this gains +4 Power.” If you know anything about Second Dinner’s card game, you know that’s a pretty drastic swap, leading to a situation in turn six where you have a 16-power card but less energy to spend on bringing more cards into play. Either way, you can test Havok’s effect for yourself by coughing up 3,000 collector’s tokens in the shop or by trying your luck with this week’s spotlight caches.

There are a couple of Marvel Snap decks that could potentially utilize Havok, but none more so than a Mister Negative build. There are two benefits to teaming up this new mutant with Mister Negative. For a start, Mister Negative’s effect turns Havok into a zero-cost two-power card, but the bigger benefit is that with cards like Iron Man, Iron Heart, Knull, and Arnim Zola, you can still make some pretty big plays despite the loss of energy turn-on-turn. This deck is a little luck-dependent, though, and if you draw Havok before Mister Negative, there isn’t as much of an upside.