How to Understand Girls

How to Understand Girls: It can be difficult to understand the opposite gender sometimes— almost as if each gender was a different culture, speaking a different language. This is simply because girls and guys are raised in different ways from birth in our culture. Instead of throwing up your hands and saying, “ah, women” the next time you’re baffled by a lady, read this article so you can understand and act accordingly.

How to Understand Girls
How to Understand Girls

Understand why girls may act differently. 

When a man is confused by a woman, he may dismiss her behavior as crazy or irrational. However, everyone has reasons for what they do—you just need to look more closely to see the logic behind the differences. For women, many of these behavioral differences have something to do with a thing called “socialization.” Socialization is all of the positive and negative influences the world and other people have on a person; it affects their personality, beliefs, attitudes, and worldview.[1] Some examples of socialization include:

  • The idea of “girl toys” and “boy toys.” Some people have started to defy this idea in recent years; however, it’s still a general rule that dolls and kitchen sets are “for girls” and trucks and toy weapons are “for boys.”
  • The belief that femininity is inferior. Typically this is an undertone, not overt. Think about it: calling a girl “boyish” or a “tomboy” is a harmless description, while calling a boy “girly” is an insult. “Chick flicks” are made fun of. Stereotypically female pastimes, such as shopping and getting beauty treatments, are seen as shallow or silly, even by many females, who consider themselves superior for liking sports or books.
  • Cultural standards of beauty. In most Western nations, the ideal woman, according to TV and magazines, is thin but curvy, with flawless skin and gorgeous hair. This gives girls an impossible standard to strive for.

Recognize that girls are socialized to hide feelings too, just in different ways than boys are. 

A “good girl” is quiet, obedient, and very, very polite. Thus, girls might feel that it is inconvenient to others if they express less-than-cheerful feelings, or say that they are upset by something you did.

  • Girls may be discouraged from expressing anger, or even asserting themselves. Thus, some of them end up repressing a lot.

Remember that every woman is different. This article is here to offer you a general idea of what women are like. However, it certainly cannot speak for every woman. Use these steps as a guide and work from there.

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