Baldur’s Gate 3’s 30 GB Patch 5 Brings a New Chapter, More Customization Options, and Spicy Outfits

Baldur’s Gate 3 has taken an exciting leap forward with the recent unleashing of a 30 GB Patch. It’s a gargantuan update stuffed with meaningful content and silly little nods that I’m surprised it’s not DLC. It certainly weighs the part.

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Larian Studios, the architects behind this Dungeons & Dragons-inspired adventure, have wielded their creative prowess to infuse the game with fresh epilogues, customization options, a new difficulty mode, and even spicier attires, as announced in their patch notes. The Wavemother’s Robe has got nothing on this one.

Unpacking Baldur’s Gate 3 Mammoth 30 GB Patch 5

Image via Larian Studios

The new chapter, titled “Journey’s End,” offers players a poignant closure to their epic escapades through Faerûn. This epilogue presents an emotionally charged reunion with companions, where memories are swapped and narratives resolved. According to Larian, these final moments reflect the intricate web of choices made throughout the adventure, which must have been a heck of a hard thing to work through, but I’m more than ready to get my heartstrings tugged all over again.

Besides the substantial addition to Baldur’s Gate 3 storyline, the fashion game got a serious upgrade too. Characters can now sport a new set of threads and attire that’ll be dropped during the Orin boss battle. 

When it comes to game mechanics, the update introduces two challenging game modes: Honour Mode, intensifying the gameplay to a hardcore level, and Custom Mode, allowing players to tailor their experience, from rolling dice checks to tweaking enemy HP visibility. If you survive Honour Mode, you earn the coveted Golden D20, a token of your strategic roleplaying badassery. 

And then, there are also a bunch of improvements: performance boosts across all platforms, Korean subtitles, and, my favorite of them all, enhanced inventory access. Gone are the days of walking all the way to where non-party members were standing in camp to manage their inventory.

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Despite this hefty update feeling akin to paid DLC, Larian Studios’ commitment to elevating Baldur’s Gate 3 shines through even after its RPG legacy cements. Larian has been listening to feedback, even post-launch. The meticulous attention to detail and the continuous drive to enhance player experiences affirm that this studio isn’t merely crafting a game; they’re weaving a legend. 


Larian strikes gold once more in the latest BG3 update, this time in epic proportions with a new chapter.