An X-Men icon arrives in the form of Marvel Snap’s Jean Grey

One of the most noticeable missing cards from Second Dinner’s CCG is set to finally join the action, with the arrival of Marvel Snap’s Jean Grey. Joining the roster of Marvel Snap cards during the Rise of the Phoenix season, this hero might be closely associated with the Phoenix Force, but her in-game power makes her a better fit for bounce decks.

Jean Grey arrives in Marvel Snap as a three-cost three-power hero, with her ability reading ‘Ongoing: Players must play their first card here each turn. (if possible)’. This effect makes Jean Grey the ideal counter for Galactus, forcing the celestial being to share a location, with only cards like Nightcrawler and Jeff the Baby Land Shark capable of escaping her orbit.

In terms of Marvel Snap decks to add Jean Grey to, there are a couple of options. With a bounce control hybrid set, you can use Jean Grey to force your opponent into committing to a location before you get wild with cards on turn six. Or, there’s scope for Jean in a Patriot Ultron deck, locking your opponent out of the lanes you plan on filling with powerful drones in the late game.